With a great blend of top-class medical staff, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and convenient facilities
SNUH Gangnam Center will always be your reliable health partner.

Competitiveness (Customer Satisfaction Management)

Gangnam Center boasts Korea’s best medical staff and medical equipments.

With the top-class faculty of Seoul National University Hospital, the SNUH Gangnam Center has embraced the principles of responsible management. The competitive edge of Gangnam Center lies in the state-of-the-art medical equipment, reliable test results, customized program tailored to the customer’s needs, and the digital Total Health Record system.

Full-time physicians on the Seoul National University Hospital faculty


  • After the test the patient will be observed and monitored by a qualified individual in the endoscopy or a recovery area until a significant portion of the medication has worn off.
  • Renowned physicians who serve on the SNUH faculty will review all the test results including endoscopy.

Medical checkup programs tailored to meet individual needs


  • One-stop health checkup service with CT and MRI systems in place.
  • Comfortable and pleasant atmosphere (in clean and pleasant hospital surroundings).
    (Sedative endoscopy, Apply local anesthetic cream before blood sampling, etc.)

Customer-centered design and management

SNUH Gangnam Center delivers high-quality care and service on a par with a hotel. By integrating various procedures into a comprehensive system to minimize the customer’s waiting time from counseling to examination, we have truly realized a customer-oriented medical checkup center.

Comfortable and systematic medical service

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    Quick reservation

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    Minimum waiting time through zoning

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    Respect for Privacy
    (Exam rooms for female related tests)

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    Pleasant rest areas and waiting rooms

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    Direct connection to Yeoksam Station, Subway line #2

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    Beautiful view of the Han River from the 38th and 39th floor of Gangnam Finance Center

Lifelong health management system

  • 1. Customized medical checkup program
    맞춤형 검진

    When you make a reservation, the Health Planner will consult with you and recommend a medical checkup program tailored to your health needs and concerns.

  • 2. Personalized follow-up checkups
    개인별 재진 맞춤 관리

    When scheduling a follow-up check up one year later, the Health Planner will consult with you to design a customized program that includes necessary tests recommended based on the previous year’s checkup results and additional tests needed to address new health concerns.

  • 3. One-stop flow managing system
    One-stop flow managing system

    The One-stop flow managing system enables you to receive prompt and accurate health checkup with minimal waiting time.

  • 4. Early warning system
    조기알람 시스템

    If any major disease or cancer is suspected from the medical checkup, you will be notified of the test results before your scheduled result consultation date. 

  • 5. Effective referral system
    체계적인 연계 프로그램

    If abnormal conditions are detected during the medical checkup, you will be referred to the SNUH main hospital, SNUH Bundang branch, or other partner hospital to receive immediate care and treatment. If an emergency occurs during the medical checkup, appropriate measures will be taken at the center.

  • 6. Follow-up care system
    재검자 관리를 위한 추후관리 시스템

    After the result consultation, if you need to undergo additional tests or receive treatment, we will contact you to provide such information. We will explain what kind of follow-up action is needed in detail and make sure you schedule a follow-up appointment.

Overview of the Facilities

We pay special attention to ensuring a pleasant environment and treating our patients with the utmost compassion to help them feel at ease during their visit.

Test and
Consultation Rooms

To make patients feel at home while they are waiting, the Center is furnished with comfortable chairs and sophisticated art works .


VIP Room

5 rooms with a great view (including a bathroom with a shower stall), TV, computer, CD player, etc.
High-end facilities, snacks and beverages, personal lockers

Partners Lounge

At the Partners Lounge located on the 39th floor of the SNUH Gangnam Center, a Health Seminar which includes counseling and education on how to lead a happy and healthy life is offered on a monthly basis. A wide range of healthy and nutritious food is provided at this private lounge reserved for the SNUH Gangnam Center patients.


Hospital network (Digitally operated)

Integrated management of personal health records

Digital Integrated Medical Information System

The digitally operated Healthcare Information and Management Systems is established to manage the personal health records in a consistent and integrated manner.