SNUH Gangnam Center
provides the best medical service from scheduling a medical checkup to viewing results.


Result Consultation (In person / By Phone / Online)

  • Result consultation
    in person

    In case unusual symptoms are identified from the medical checkup, the patient will be informed of the appropriate treatments available at SNUH.

  • Result consultation
    via Phone

    In case the patient cannot re-visit the center, the check-up results will be sent via postal service after consultation with specialists over the phone. 

  • Result consultation

    For residents living outside of Seoul, overseas travelers, overseas residents, or busy office workers, medical checkup result can be viewed and downloaded online without having to go through the hassle of re-visiting the center.

  • You can find Blood Test Result on the website from 8pm on the day of the checkup.

If you have additional questions regarding the checkup results, call Telephone +82-2-2112-5601/ +82-2-2112-5503 to consult with a professional nurse. If necessary, you may be referred to a specialist or be scheduled an appointment.

For checkup recipients with high risks, our Clinic offers professional medical consultation and education, nutrition counseling and education, lifestyle guidance, and evaluation and analysis of patient’s adherence to guidelines to help them prevent disease and maintain good health.