Personal Information Policy

The Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center (hereinafter "the Center") observes the Privacy Protection Policy enacted by the Ministry of Information and Communication under the Law on the Use of Networks to protect the privacy of every individual using the Center's website (hereinafter "the website") on the Internet. The privacy policy concerning the website can be updated frequently without prior notice under the government laws and orders, and users can check the changes posted on the Gangnam Center News via the website, or delivered individually to users.

Chapter 1 Purpose of Use and Collection of Personal Information

'We collect the minimum level of personal information required to enable users to benefit from our service of the website, such as online reservations, consultations, questions and answers, notices and statistical analysis. The information provided by user shall not be used for any other purpose. If there is any change to the purpose, usage and scope of the personal information, we shall seek prior approval from you.

Chapter 2 Collection of Personal Information

We ask users to give us their personal information when they sign up and ask for our consultation service. Users' identification numbers are encoded and saved in a non-decodable form for the sake of privacy protection; such information will not be used under any other circumstances except when truly necessary for the identification process and personal medical data integration. Information to collect: Name, date and year of birth, login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile phone number, e-mail address, identification number, service history and cookie How to collect personal information: Homepage sign-up and general service, such as consultation

Chapter 3 Period of Keeping and Using Personal Information

Principally, the personal information is immediately deleted when its goal is achieved. However, some of the information shall be kept. Items to be kept: Name, date and year of birth, login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile phone number, e-mail address and information of legal proxy Reasons to retain the information: Such information is separately managed for use in the statistical materials of the Center. Period of keeping: Three years

If the law requires us to maintain certain parts of personal information, we will keep it for a period specified in the law.
- Records of product purchase and payment: Five years (under the law of customer protection in online transactions)
- Records of customer complaint or dispute: Three years (under the law of customer protection in online transactions)
- Records of collecting, processing and using credit information: Three years (under the law concerning the use and protection of credit information)

Supplementary Privacy Protection Policy has taken effect from 0 0, 2008.

Article 1 General Provisions

article 1 Purpose
  • (1) The purpose of these terms and conditions is to define the responsibility and duty of the Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center (hereinafter "the Center") and users of the service provided by the Center's website (hereinafter "the service").
article 2 Definitions

The words in these terms and conditions have the following meanings:

  • (1) "Website" means a virtual space provided by the Center using information technology equipment like computers to deliver the service for its customers.
  • (2) "Service" means all services available on the website owned and operated by the Center.
  • (3) "Members" means users who have agreed on these terms and conditions and logged in to receive the service provided by the Center, as set forth herein.
  • (4) "Operators" mean people selected by the Center to manage the website and operate its service.
  • (5) "ID" means a name that allows a user to login to the website to receive the service. The ID consists of 4 to 15 alphabetical letters, numerals or a combination thereof.
  • (6) "Password" means an encrypted phrase of the user's choice, which allows the user to be identified while protecting his/her privacy. The password should be acceptable to the Center and should consist of alphabetical letters, numbers or a combination thereof.
  • (7) "Personal Information" means individually identifiable information such as the user's name and identification number.
  • (8) Members are classified into general members, service members and operators. Each section of members is eligible for specific rights as follows:
    • General Members: General members are registered members of the website of the Center, and they have no intent to use personal medical information service available on the website.
    • Service Members: Service members are signed-up members of the website of the Center, and entered their patient integration information to receive the personal medical information service available on the website. With their patient numbers issued by the Center, service members are entitled to diverse online medical information services, including checkup reservation, reservation check and checkup results search. However, some of the information cannot be disclosed or will remain unsearchable under the policy of the Center.
    • Operators: Operators have a certain extent of authority to manage and operate the website. The leader of the operators uses "Operator" as his/her login ID.
  • (9) Passwords are encoded and saved in a non-decodable form for privacy protection, and will not be used under any circumstances except when truly necessary for identification process and the integration of personal medical data.
article 3 Notice and Change of Terms and Conditions
  • (1) These terms and conditions take effect as the Center posts the file on the website or use other methods to inform members of the document.
  • (2) If required, the Center has the right to amend these terms and conditions unless such amendment would violate any of the associated laws.
  • (3) The Center may change these terms and conditions for reasons critical to its business, and the document thus modified goes into effect the same way stated in the previous clause.
  • (4) The interpretation and items not covered herein shall be determined by the related laws or commercial practices.
article 4 Content and Change of Service
  • (1) The Center provides the following services:
    • a. General information service provided by the Center;
    • b. Checkup service; and
    • c. Other services available by the Center.
  • (2) The Center may change the contents of the service, if necessary. The changed contents of the service shall be notified on the website or by other methods to the members together with the brief and the date of the change.
  • (3) The Center shall not take responsibility for any damage to members caused by the changes. However, this provision does not apply, if it is proved that there was the Center's intention of the damage or serious oversight.
article 5 Halt of Service
  • (1) The Center may providing a limited service or none during a certain period for inevitable reasons such as repairs, a system breakdown, a temporary communication error in the service-supporting equipment, or the development, regular inspection and urgent repair of the service.
  • (2) The Center is not responsible for any damage to the members or a third party during the period in which the service is limited or not provided. However, this provision shall not apply if it is proved that there was a serious oversight or it was the Center's intention to cause damage.

Article 2 Sign-up and Withdrawal

article 6 Signup of Members
  • (1) Users shall enter the personal information required to sign up for the website, and shall agree to these terms and conditions in order to become members.
  • (2) The Center will register the user who applies for membership, except when the applicant:
    • a. Uses another person's name;
    • b. Has lost the membership in the past based on article 7, Clause 2 or Clause 3 of these terms and conditions;
    • c. Has entered false or misspelled information, or has omitted information; and
    • d. Is deemed to significantly interfere with the business of the Center if registered.
  • (3) The membership is effective from the moment the Center approves the member.
  • (4) The member shall inform the Center of any change in his/her personal information by updating it online or by making a call to the Center.
article 7 Withdrawal and Loss of Membership
  • (1) When a member requests withdrawal from the website, the Center shall immediately process the request. However, the withdrawal request shall be made on the Internet and the identification process shall be implemented for the sake of privacy protection. After the withdrawal, all information but for the ID shall be deleted, but medical information of the service members shall remain saved at the Center.
  • (2) The Center may deprive the member of his/her membership when he/she has:
    • a. Submitted false personal information;
    • b. Violated orders by disturbing others' use of the service, or is using the service illegally;
    • c. Provided the information he/she has gained via the service to a third party for non-personal use without the consent of the Center;
    • d. Created disorder in the operation of the website by manipulating the service; and
    • e. Is deemed inappropriate to remain as a member.
article 8 Return of Members
  • (1) When a former member who has been withdrawn in accordance with article 7 wants to return to the website he/she shall be required to follow the article 6 to regain membership.
  • (2) The member's information at the time of the withdrawal remains saved in accordance with article 7, Clause 3 of these terms and conditions.

Article 3 Privacy Protection

article 9 Collection of Personal Information
  • (1) The Center may collect the personal information of a member in order to ensure the smooth provision of the service.
  • (2) The member's consent shall be a prerequisite for the collection of personal information, except when:
    • a. There is a legal waiver; and
    • b. It is necessary to implement a contract regarding the service.
  • (3) The Center shall seek technical methods to prevent any personal information from being lost, stolen or forged.
  • (4) The collected personal information shall not be shared with a third party without the member's approval, nor shall it be shared for any purpose not stated herein. However, the following exceptions shall apply:
    • a. There is a legal waiver;
    • b. User identification process is needed;
    • c. It is necessary for package delivery and payment for the service;
    • d. It is necessary for the smooth operation of the website and statistical analysis; and
    • e. The personal information is shared in an individually unidentifiable form to conduct statistical and/or academic study or market research.

Article 4 Disclaimer for Online Checkup Reservation

article 10 Application and Completion of Reservation
  • (1) Members can make a reservation on the website by following these steps
    • a. Enter the required information, including ID, password, name, home address and phone number.
    • b. Select the program type, examination date and consultation date you want.
    • c. Agree on these terms and conditions.
  • (2) The Center approves of the reservation made by the steps described in Clause 1, unless:
    • a. The member has entered false or misspelled information, or has omitted information;
    • b. The reservation approval could cause a serious technical problem; and
    • c. The reservation is not allowed under the Center's policy.
  • (3) The member can complete his/her reservation by agreeing with the following items:
    • a. The member may change or cancel, through online means, only the reservation made and completed online; and
    • b. The change or cancellation of the online reservation shall be allowed no later than three days after the date of the reservation.

Article 5 Responsibility of the Center and the Members

article 11 Responsibility of the Center
  • (1) The Center is obligated to provide the service continuously and reliably in accordance with these terms and conditions, except in the cases of system inspection, service development, connection error and force majeure.
  • (2) The Center must build technical safety measures and do its best to protect the privacy of all members.
  • (3) The Center shall not send unwanted profit-seeking promotional e-mails to the members.
article 12 Responsibility of the Members
  • (1) The member shall not conduct the following acts:
    • a. Entering false information for registration;
    • b. Using another person's identification number and password for unlawful purposes;
    • c. Manipulating the information posted on the website;
    • d. Copying, processing and translating the service gained from the website, and/or creating a derivative work for the purpose of replicating, performing, broadcasting, displaying, distributing, publishing and/or supplying it to a third party;
    • e. Defaming or mistreating others;
    • f. Violating the copyrights and/or other rights of the website and a third party;
    • g. Distributing offensive information, texts, diagrams and vocal materials that are contrary to the public order and safety;
    • h. Conducting criminal and crime-related acts;
    • i. Posting and spreading virus-infected materials that can result in error, loss, destruction and confusion to the service supplies and equipment;
    • j. Transferring unwanted profit-seeking materials to the members and thereby risking the stable supply of the service; and
    • k. Conducting unlawful forms of behavior.
  • (2) When using the service, the members shall implement the following duties pertaining to their IDs and passwords:
  • (3) The members shall not engage in the following acts:
    • a. The member shall use his/her own ID and password when accessing the website;
    • b. The user shall assume the responsibility for managing his/her ID and password;
    • c. The member shall not let others use his/her ID and password;
    • d. The user shall bear the responsibility for any mismanagement of his/her ID and password; and
    • e. The user shall promptly notify the Center when another has used his/her ID and password, and shall comply with the instructions given by the Center.

Article 6 Miscellaneous

article 13 Possession and Restriction of Copyright
  • (1) The copyrights and other intellectual rights of works created by the Center belong to the Center.
  • (2) The members shall not copy, transfer, publish, distribute and/or broadcast the information gained from the website for commercial use without the prior approval of the Center, and/or allow a third party to use it
article 14 Dispute Resolution
  • (1) The Center and the members shall make every effort to resolve any dispute arising from the use of the service.
  • (2) The Center shall prioritize and process complaints and suggestions submitted by the members. However, if instant processing is neither allowed nor possible, the Center shall inform the submitter of the reasons and the estimated time.
article 15 Jurisdiction and Governing Law
  • (1) Any legal suit between the Center and a member arising out of the use of the service will be brought in any court having jurisdiction over the city in which the Center is located.
  • (2) The legal suit shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

The Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center provides an online reservation check service for the service members' convenience. The results of checkups can be searched and printed after the scheduled date of the results exam.

  • 1) Limited Responsibility for the Service

    The Center makes a concerted effort to secure and protect results of the examination and consultation from being leaked, except in the case of the doctor in charge. However, in the following cases the Center shall have no responsibility for disclosing and/or damaging the results of the consultation:

    • A. The password was leaked due to the service member's negligence; and
    • B. Irresistible events that have occurred due to natural disasters.
  • 2) Service member's Duty about Reference Number and Password
    • A. The service member shall use the password and reference number of the Center.
    • B. The service member shall assume full responsibility for any mismanagement of his/her password and reference number.
    • C. The service member shall not let others use his/her password and reference number.
    • D. The service member shall bear full responsibility for any consequences of the mismanagement of his/her password and/or reference number.
    • E. The service member shall notify promptly the Center, when others use his/her password and reference number, and shall comply with the instructions given by the Center.
    • F. All members' understanding and cooperation in the management of test results shall be required.