Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Purpose

① This provision has the purpose of prescribe the authority, obligation and responsibility of users and website for using services on internet web pages, that Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center(“Gangnam Center” correspondingly to the following) runs.

Article 2. Acceptance of Terms

The definitions of terms used in this provision are below

  • “Web site” is the established cyber space that provides services by Gangnam Center using intelligence communicating equipments.
  • “Services” are all the services on internet provided by Gangnam Center’s homepage and internet websites that Gangnam Center runs.
  • “Member(user)” is the person who receives the services from Gangnam Center following the provision as agreeing and login to internet homepage.
  • “Administer” is the selected person by Gangnam Center in order to manage in general on services and operate smoothly.
  • “ID” is the login name, which enables the member(user) to access website for providing services. It is consisted of 4~15 digit alphabet, number, or combination of those.
  • “Personal Information” is the information that enables identifying individuals from name, residence registration number and so on.
  • “Personal Information” is the information that enables identifying individuals from name, residence registration number and so on.
  • The member is classified by general member, visited member and administer. Each member has the authority below.
    • - General member: The member registered through Gangnam Center homepage, who does not use online private medical information service.
    • - Visited member: The member registered through Gangnam Center homepage, who receives the medical information service such as health screening test request, reservation status inquiry and test result inquiry by the patient number. However, there would be limitation of release or inquiry by Gangnam Center’s policy.
    • - Administer: For administrating the center’s homepage, administer is the ID issued by chief operation officer. Within the range of authority assigned to each administer, it is possible to manage/operate the homepage.
  • For the security of personal information, the residence registration number is impossible to be saved as double signed. It will never be used except for identifying oneself or medical service linkage.

Article 3. Notification and Change of Provision

  • This provision shows the validity from the notification to members by Gangnam Center’s bulletin on service page and so on.
  • If Gangnam Center has inevitable situation, it may revise the provision unless it is considered to be an ordinance violations.
  • Gangnam Center may revise the provision since it has inevitable change or major cause on sales. The changed provision shows validity from the notification as the same way from previous notification.
  • The subject that it is not mentioned on this provision and interpretation of it may be followed by the related ordinance or common sense.

Article 4. Contents and Change of Services

  • Gangnam Center provides the services below.
    • a. General informal service provided by Gangnam Center
    • b. Health Screening Service
    • c. Other services issued by Gangnam Center
  • Gangnam Center may change the contents of providing services, as there is inevitable situation. In this case, Gangnam Center has to notify the changed contents of services and date of issue on service pages or in other ways to members.
  • Gangnam Center does not indemnify for damage appeared by change of services. However, if Gangnam Center has deliberation or gross negligence, it will not be hold.

Article 5. Suspension of Services

  • Gangnam Center’s service may be limited or suspended for certain period due to the inevitable situation such as repair, trouble for equipment; temporary disconnection, service development, system follow up check up or emergency management.
  • Gangnam Center will not indemnify for damage appeared to users or third-party by the suspension of services due to causes on para 1. However, if Gangnam Center has deliberation or gross negligence, it will not be hold.

Chapter 2. Registration and Secession of Members

Article 6. Registration of Members

  • The member requests for registration following the form that Gangnam Center prescribed. As filling out the form, the member shows the agreement of the provision to request.
  • Gangnam Center registers the members who has requested as para 1 except the person belongs to the followings.
    • a. Who requests for registration using other person’s name
    • b. Who has experience of disqualification followed by paragraph 2 or 3, article 7 of the provision
    • c. Who records the false, omission or miswriting on the registration form
    • d. Otherwise, who is considered to be disqualified to perform operation of Gangnam Center
  • The establishment of registration contract starts from the moment that Gangnam Center accept the request for registration.
  • The member has to notify change of personal information by online or telephone.

Article 7. Secession and Disqualification of Membership

  • The members may request for secession of membership anytime they want, and Gangnam Center has to manage the secession process immediately. However, the request for secession would be done by online and identification process is required. From the secession, all the information except id will be eliminated. However, for the visited member, the patient related information will not be eliminated but saved.
  • If the member belongs to the followings, Gangnam Center may disqualify the membership.
    • a. Recording false personal information on membership registration.
    • b. Disturbing other people’s service use or threatening the regularity such as plagiarizing.
    • c. Providing the information achieved from services to the third-party without Gangnam Center’s consent except for member’s personal use.
    • d. Disturbing operation of homepage from changing information provided to Gangnam Center.
    • e. Other causes that
  • For those who canceled reserved schedule more than 3 times without reasonable reason as booking through internet, Gangnam Center does not allow to make reservation through internet for one year.

Article 8. Re-registration of Membership

  • For those who used to be a member and secede by article 7, it is possible to request to be a member again following the article 6 of this provision.
  • If the member registers again, the cancellation count(through internet) is remained followed by paragraph 3, article 7.

Chapter 3. Privacy Security

Article 9. Personal Information Compilation

  • Gangnam Center may compile members’ personal information for smooth operation of services.
  • For compiling members’ personal information, Gangnam Center requires consent of members except the followings.
    • a. If specific regulation on legal issue exists
    • b. If it is required for operation of service use contract
  • Gangnam Center has to consider the technical management for privacy security not to be lost, stolen, spilled, and falsified.
  • The provided information cannot be opened to the third-party without consent of members. However, the exception can be made by the followings.
    • a. If specific regulation on legal issue exists
    • b. During the identifying process of members
    • c. If needed for the billing or delivery on services
    • d. If needed for statistic analysis or Gangnam Center’s operation
    • e. For the academic study or marketing survey, if it is provided anonymously.

Chapter 4. Limitation on Obligation of Online Health Screening Reservation

Article 10. Request and Establishment of Health Screening Reservation

  • The member request for health screening test through online with the method below.
    • a. Recording the prerequisite information such as id, password, name, address and telephone number.
    • b. Selection of the health screening program, date of consultation, and wanted date of examination
    • c. Marking for agreement of the provision
  • Gangnam Center accepts the request, unless it is considered to be one of the followings.
    • a. If there is false, omission or miswriting
    • b. If it is considered to be difficult to accepting the request
    • c. If it is considered to be impossible to proceed the certain test by Gangnam Center’s policy.
  • As the member use the reservation service, the member also agrees to the followings.
    • a. The cancellation or changes of online reservations are only limited to those arranged through online.
    • b. The cancellation or changes of online reservation are limited to those are not paid or 3 days in advance.

Chapter 5. Obligation of Gangnam Center and Members

Article 11. Obligation of Gangnam Center

  • Gangnam Center has the obligation of providing continuous and stable services followed by provision and consent form, unless there are specific situations such as repair, connection error, service development and so on.
  • Gangnam Center conceives the technical management, and does its best for privacy security including credit inquiry by considering all the method for the better management.
  • The member may peruse its own personal information. If there is anything wrong, the member may request for correction to Gangnam Center or to administer.
  • Gangnam Center does not send the profit spam mail that members do not want.

Article 12. Obligation of Members

  • The member must not do the action below as using services.
    • a. Recording false information as registering or changing
    • b. Abusing others’ residence registration number or password
    • c. Changing the contents on website
    • d. Reprint, broadcasting, exhibiting, publishing or distributing the information on website to the third-party by copying, translating, or secondary writing.
    • e. Insulting or disadvantaging others
    • f. Infringing Gangnam Center’s copyright, or third-party’s copyright including other rights
    • g. Distributing the information, sentence, voice or picture that does not fit to etiquette
    • h. Performing which is considered to be crime
    • i. Distributing or registering computer virus which causes destruction or chaos of service system
    • j. Broadcasting commercial information against other members’ will
    • k. Other reasons which are considered to be violation
  • The member has to perform the obligation
    • a. The members have to use id and password as using the website.
    • b. All the responsibility of management concerning id and password is on members.
    • c. The member must not let the third-party using own id and password.
    • d. Gangnam Center will not be responsible for any trouble caused by members’ negligence in management.
    • e. As a member recognizes that id and password is leaked out, the member has to let Gangnam Center know to manage.

Chapter 6. Etc

Article 13. Jurisdiction and Limitation of Copyright

  • All the copyright and intellectual property rights which come from the works on website are under the jurisdiction of Gangnam Center.
  • The members are not allowed to reprint, broadcast, exhibit, publish or distribute the information on website to the third-party by copying, translating, or secondary writing for profit purpose.

Article 14. Dispute Settlement

  • Gangnam Center and members have to do their best to settle the dispute related with services.
  • Gangnam Center takes care of the dissatisfaction and opinion immediately. However, if the immediate manage is impossible, Gangnam Center has a duty of notification for the reason and expected date for managing.

Article 15. Jurisdiction and Proper law

  • For the lawsuit caused from the services between Gangnam Center and member, Gangnam Center’s residence court has the jurisdiction.
  • For the lawsuit caused from the services between Gangnam Center and member, Republic of Korea law will be applied.